On-Site or Classroom Basic Instruction

We pride ourselves on being accessible and available to our customers to make sure you fully understand the operation and intended use of our equipment.

Hydra-Slide offers a variety of training options:

  • Conference Calls
  • Classroom/Conference Room meeting
  • On-Site Training & Proper Use Orientation

Conference Calls (no charge)

Gather some team members and crew together and give us a call. We can discuss equipment options, recommended use of Hydra-Slide equipment, troubleshooting and whatever else comes up. No charge for this service.

Classroom/Conference Room (contact us for pricing details)

We provide PowerPoint presentations, demonstrations using equipment models, answer questions and interact with your team. These sessions provide insight into our equipment operation, and it’s a chance to build a personal business relationship.

On-Site Training & Safety Orientation (contact us for pricing details)

We can travel to your site for a hands-on equipment orientation training that covers the recommended use and operation of your Hydra-Slide equipment. Whether it’s a dry run in the yard or the first job – we will try to accommodate your schedule whenever possible.

Scope of Training:

  • General Safety Precautions
  • Hydraulic Skidding Principles
  • Set Up & Connections
  • Supporting the Skid Track
  • Operating the System – Do’s & Don’ts
  • Leapfrogging the Track
  • Hydraulic Cylinders, Hoses & Couplers Orientation
  • Power Units Start Up & Operation
  • Overview of power unit components and their functions
  • Lifting, Lowering & Skidding Modes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance, Transportation & Storage 

*Please note representatives of Hydra-Slide Ltd. provide training in the proper and intended operation of Hydra-Slide and Hydra-Pac equipment. We do not perform rigging plan consultations or otherwise comment on a customer’s rigging plan.

We try to accommodate your schedule requirements whenever possible. Please contact us for more information or to request a training date.

It was a big help to have you on-side for our first work using the Hydra-Slide equipment. The equipment has worked perfectly and has already changed our thinking regarding heavy transport and all design around heavy equipment.

Jón Arnar Emilsson


Master Rigger Training

Hydra-Slide Ltd. is proud to announce a partnership with Industrial Training International (, a world leader in crane, rigging and lifting educational services. The collaboration will result in a brand new module to the world-renowned Master Rigger Course, featuring the Hydra-Slide LP-400 Low Profile Skid System. ITI’s Master Rigger Course is the premier advanced rigging applications training program in the industry and has been in demand for nearly 30 years.

The Master Rigger Program featuring the Hydra-Slide Module is currently available at the ITI Edmonton Training Centre.

See the blog here:

For more information on ITI or the Master Rigger Program, call 1-800-727-6355 to speak with a Training Solutions Expert, or visit