Hydraulic Jacks


The choice of jacks will depend on the weight of the load to be lifted/lowered, and how many jacks will be used. Remember that it is good practice not to exceed 80% of the jack's rated capacity. For example, for lifting a 300-ton load: four 100-ton cylinders would provide 400 tons of total lift capacity. The 300-ton load would be at 75% of the jacks' capacity.

Hydra-Slide supplies both steel jacks in capacities ranging from 50 tons to 200 tons, as well as aluminum jacks in capacities from 30 to 150 tons. Aluminum jacks are about half the weight of standard steel jacks, so they are much easier for your riggers to handle during lifting/lowering operations.

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Conventional Hydraulic Power Units

These single-circuit, cart-mounted power units are suitable for the operation of all Hydra-Slide skidding systems, turntables, and alignment shoes, as well as most double-acting jacking applications. They are suitable in applications that do not require synchronized flow rates.

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