Clients & Testimonials

Clients & Testimonials

“We’ve done 7 jobs with the HT500 so far and it’s a terrific system”

Dave Young – Young’s Rigging

“The speed and safe movement of the equipment was very reassuring to our client and the Hydra Slide equipment performed flawlessly”

Mark Morris – Rigging Superintendent at B&G Crane

“Got to use the new turntable a few weeks ago—What a pleasure it was to turn that transformer so easily and with such precise control! The crew was also very happy.”

Burnell Gerber – Mammoet Canada Eastern

About Our Climbing Jacks: “The piece never shifted more than a 1/4″ from over 10′ above the foundation. The stability is amazing!”

Chris Anglin – Guy M. Turner

“You guys win the awards for most creative and best customer service in the entire sliding industry! Fantastic work, we’re thrilled to do business with you all!”

Ryan Oliverson – Mountain Heavy Transport

“We have used the LP400 slide system twice now and it works great. My safety professional likes it a lot better than the old way we used to do it.”

Ryan Shetley – OG&E, Oklahoma

“Thanks for all your support and professionalism. You and your team did a great job supporting us on our relatively last minute request to deliver the equipment package. I anticipate the mobility of the systems will allow us to integrate it into a number of our current projects and allow us to tap some new markets in our rigging division.”

Michael DiValentino – OCS Industries, New York

“The LP400 system was working very well and skidding perfectly , my guys told me that everyone at the site had that kind of amazed look on their faces, and we were recognized as a well equipped rigging company”

Aroso Eduardo Machado – Transportes Machado

“We have been using our Hydra-Slide skid systems on a daily basis for over 5 years and there has been no maintenance besides occasionally putting more graphite on the rails. They have become a key part of our business about moving equipment safely!”

Angus Donald – Donald Rigging

“We moved 170,000 lbs with it today. Worked very well. Thanks”

Ray Budd – Atlas Industrial Contractors

“We slid 3 ea. 380 ton reels on our modified 300 ton sliding system. We used 8 skid shoes, 4 push cylinders, and supported the track 100% to allow for the increased weight. These reels were slid approximately 80 feet to allow ship cranes to lift them.”

Brett Berard – Berard Transportation

“We used our 300 ton slide system to extract a 70 ton heat exchanger in a refinery. The exchanger was transported to a repair shop for cleaning and repairs then re-installed a few weeks later.”

Brett Berard – Berard Transportation

“I just got back from Job# 2 in NY State this morning. The turntable worked as planned. Everyone was impressed. Thank you.”

Rich Groller – Cambridge Rigging

“We slid this transformer over 90 ft in about an hour. Our customer was amazed how fast and smooth this job went. We’ve used them on several jobs now and everyone here loves them.”

Bill Condra – Duncan Machinery Movers

“500 ton system working well”

Jeff Gelety – J. Supor & Sons

“The 400 ton slide we purchased has been a great asset.”

Eddie Roberts – TNT Crane & Rigging

“The climbing jacks and slide system have been a great addition to our rigging department.”

Eddie Roberts – TNT Crane & Rigging

“The transformer to move weighed 80 000lbs. It skid easily with the LP400”.

Duane Marzouca – D.M Equipment/Zoukie Trucking

“I have used the LP400 and it did meet all of my expectations and then some. Very nice to have the positive control with the hydraulic push cylinders along with the speed of the ratcheting system, and to have the center marks line up within less than an eighth of an inch made my customer very happy.”

Garry Hinds – T-Lane Transportation

“We had to skid a 350,000 lbs transformer approx 500’ in one direction and then another 100’ into the power house in minus 20 weather, system worked like a dream.”

Garry Hinds – T-Lane Transportation

“We have executed one project with the turntable and one project with the slide system. Everything was perfect.”

Olga Cherepanova – 100 tonn Service

“The 250T turntable worked great with the transformers we have moved lately! Customers were amazed and so were we!”

Pier-Yves Bastien – Transport Chainé Inc.

“It was a big help to have you on-side for our first work using the Hydra-Slide equipment. The equipment has worked perfectly and has already changed our thinking regarding heavy transport and all design around heavy equipment.”

Jón Arnar Emilsson – Landsvirkjun

“Satisfied customer reporting all went great! Your equipment worked way better than expected. Two transformers where positioned on foundation in less than 2 days.”

Giorgi Janashia – Gi Anti Logistics

“We are happy to report that the LP400 worked way better than expected. Sliding process in different situations went smoothly and without any problems. Its lightweight and compact features were most outstanding from other type of similar equipment.”

Giorgi Janashia – Gi Anti Logistics

“MOB/DEMOB process no longer requires expensive costs and working process is more flexible due to very low weight. Equipment can be handled easily even in very limited spaces. We are quite sure to continue business communication with you in future.”

Giorgi Janashia – Gi Anti Logistics

“The Hydra-Slide system is ideal for situations with limited overhead clearance. We thank the folks at Hydra-Slide for providing an excellent product to the rigging industry!”

Robert Deutsch – HWP Rigging

“I just wanted to thank you & your dad for your kindness & all your help. The attention & consideration you have shown us is uncommon these days & very much appreciated.”

Rick Wiren – Bonneville Power Administration