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Hydra-Slide™ JS250 Load Shoes
"Up 'N Go" Jacking Skid Shoes for SUPER HEAVY LOADS


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Standardized Design

A compliment to the HT-500 skid system for Super-Heavy loads, these individual Jacking Load Shoes are designed to fit our standard HT-500 track.

Jacking Cylinders

250 ton capacity jacking cylinders that can be connected hydraulically with any number of other shoes increasing the system capacity to multiples of 1000 ton while maintaining equal load support and weight distribution.

Increase Your Load Capacity

Load capacity can be increased in multiples of 1000 ton. It is now possible to add these jacking skid shoes to an existing slide system- four shoes provide 1000 ton capacity... eight shoes provide 2000 ton capacity... These systems can accommodate loads of virtually any weight.

Synchronized Movement

Each shoe has its own 55 ton push cylinder and a connecting member to adjacent shoes to ensure uniform synchronized movement.