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XLP150 Extreme Low Profile System

The XLP150 Hydra-Slide™ skidding system provides a cost-effective, safe, simple and reliable method for moving, loading or unloading all types of heavy loads... and all components are hand portable. It has a 1.25" (32mm) profile, reducing jacking time and space requirements.

This slide system is a Push & Pull system, capable of both pushing and pulling 150 tons (135 tonnes).

It's ideal for areas with restricted access and flat, continuous support (or blocking).

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Every Hydra-Slide™ Skidding System is fully Engineered. Stamped drawings and technical information are included with each unit. Manufactured in North America by certified fabrication shops using the highest-quality materials available.

Low profile

A total height of less than 2 inches reduces your mobilization schedule, saves jacking time and allows for operation in situations where overhead space, access and clearance are limited.


The Hydra-Slide™ LP Skidding Systems can be assembled in minutes and controlled by one operator working from a remotely positioned power unit. No need for personnel to be close to load when moving, and no winch lines, holdbacks or heavy equipment required.


Use minimal personnel and equipment. The maximum weight of any LP component is 130 lbs (60kg), and these systems pack up into a Storage Box that fits in the back of a pickup truck.


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