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HT500 Heavy Track Skid Systems

Hydra-Slide™ Heavy Track skidding systems are one of the most cost-effective and accurate methods for moving, loading or unloading all types of heavy loads... transformers, generators, compressors, pressure vessels, and machines where a rigid, load carrying track is required.

System Capacity: 500 Short Tons (450 Metric Tonnes)

Our standard HT500 system package includes:

50 feet of double track

4 Skid Shoes with safety pins

2 hydraulic cylinder assemblies

Connecting Bars & Pins

Safety Stop Blocks

Graphite Lubricant

The push cylinders and connecting hardware come packed conveniently in a steel Toolbox for storage and transport.


Two heavy duty orange hydraulic cylinders laying in the skidding track. Moving large piece of equipment using the heavy duty track skidding system as 3 engineers supervise the move.

The Hydra-Slide HT500 skidding a transformer. All Connector pins, lugs, graphite and push cylinders are loaded and stored in a Steel Toolbox ready for easy transport and inventory control.

Removing a pipe-bending machine with the HT500 Heavy Track system - courtesy of Fagioli, USA Skidding a failed Transformer during emergency operations at electrical plant - courtesy of HWP Rigging Courtesy of HWP Rigging
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HT500 System Features


The unique "ratchet track" design facilitates continuous movement and automatic resetting of push cylinders. Loads can be moved in either direction by simply repositioning the push cylinders.


Hydraulic push cylinders enable precise and accurate positioning of the load. They are specially adapted 10,000-psi PowerTeam (or equivalent) double-acting hydraulic cylinders with standard CR-400 couplers.

Low profile

The HT500 has a total height of only 8" (205mm). This saves jacking time and is ideal for working in confined spaces.


All fabricated components are designed for function and ease of handling and made from the highest quality materials. The steel track can carry loads over unsupported spans (distance dependent on the weight of the load).


The skid track sections are available in various lengths to suit your particular applications. Standard lengths are between 10’ and 20’ (3m – 6m). We can build custom track lengths to suit any requirement. They are connected by a simple lug and pin set and can be leap-frogged to slide longer distances.


Product Information Sheets (Metric)

Product Information Sheets (Imperial)