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HT500 Heavy Track system with Ekki jacking timbers skidding a Transformer HT500 system sliding a Transformer underneath wires at a substation LP400 moving a 130 tonne transformer in Venezuela HT500 used to transfer a transformer from railcar to transporter 700 ton Oil Drilling Rig set up on a modified LP400 skid system for mobilization HT300 being used to extract a heat exchanger within a “live” plant. LP400 moving a transformer in tight spaces HT300 moving a transformer from storage location HT500 moving a transformer in Singapore
10,000 psi hydraulic push cylinder on the HT500 system.
Ekki jacking timbers supporting a steel beam and a hydraulic jack under a large piece of equipment.
Pressure gauges and control valves on the top of a Synchronous Hyraulic Pump reservoir.

At Hydra-Slide Ltd. we are the designer and supplier of our signature Hydra-Slide™ hydraulic skidding systems. In use for more than 25 years, these innovative systems provide superior load moving capabilities for moving, loading and unloading all types of heavy loads... transformers, generators, compressors, pressure vessels, machines... whatever you need to move safely and easily.

In addition to skidding systems, Hydra-Slide also provides synchronous hydraulic power packs, climbing jacks, Ekki jacking timbers, electronic weighing systems and powered turntables.

At Hydra-Slide we are committed to our customers and will work with your team to ensure you get the right equipment for your needs. And it will always be: Strong. Safe. Simple.